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Adult Clients

Therapy can be a space to process difficult experiences, memories or emotions. It is the time we take to truly tune into our own needs and experiences without judgement, in order to understand ourselves better and determine what we want and need in life. I encourage clients to embrace counseling as a luxury, and the highest form of self-care. I enjoy working with adults around the following issues:

  • Developing personal empowerment

  • Navigating dating and relationships

  • Dealing with conflict in family and relationships

  • Managing life-stage transitions

  • Coping with infertility and childlessness

  • Understanding and responding to difficult emotions

  • Living with anxiety

  • Increasing self-esteem, self-respect and confidence

  • Setting goals and following through

  • Understanding and processing difficult family history 

  • Living with ADHD, autism/ Aspergers or other learning differences

  • Parenting children with autism/ Asperger's, ADHD, anxiety and those who identify as LGBTQ

  • Adjusting to life in Portland as an expat or recent transplant

  • Boundary-setting and self-advocacy

  • Embracing LGBTQ identity and coming out

  • Stress related to Covid-19 pandemic and current events

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