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College Students and Young Adults

College students and young adults find themselves at a profound crossroads. Along with countless opportunities for growth come many newly emerging challenges that can be overwhelming at times. Many people feel taken off guard or unprepared for a new range of responsibilities, experiences and emotions. Therapy can be extremely helpful with the following:

  • Adapting to increased freedom and responsibility

  • Adjusting to new expectations and living situations

  • Settling in to Portland

  • Deciding what you want to do with your future

  • Managing relationships

  • Navigating the world of dating

  • Increasing self-esteem, self-respect and confidence

  • Setting goals and following through

  • Understanding and processing difficult family history to make space for becoming your own person

  • Learning different kinds of time-management and academic strategies needed for success

  • Responding to new kinds of demands

  • Mastering college with a disability or learning difference, such as ADHD or autism (Aspergers)

  • Working through the coming out process for LGBTQ individuals

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